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Search Engine Optimization

StrayLight Software Inc. are based in Florida. SEO is our core. We work in person with you to appraise your specific needs, create a custom SEO package and establish a plan that will help to expand your search results. You will be allocated a committed and skilled search marketing company executive to direct you all through the process.

Here is what you find when you hire us:

  • Technical SEO: The technical features of SEO aren´t often discourse, but they are decisive. We will appraise and optimize your site structural design, URLs, and mobile search exertions, eradicate supplementary content, ensure proper canonicalization and beyond.
  • Content Development and Optimization: In today´s provisos, significant content that is valued to searchers earns high rankings in search engines. We will ascertain what questions your prospects are asking, and acquire and optimize high-quality content that resolves this question to help intensify your online prominence and build brand certainty.
  • Keyword Research & Analysis: Constant keyword analysis by your account manager values keyword trends, categorizes ranking prospects and determines instant and lasting search engine optimization purposes.
  • Penalty Evaluation & Resurgence: Have your rankings plummeted? Is your traffic low? It could be the outcome of a search engine penalty. We will evaluate your website using exclusive technology to distinguish any penalties and develop a repossession strategy.
  • On-Page Optimization: Ongoing On-Page optimization appraises your web site and makes amendment to ensure search engine optimization best procedures are met.
  • Off-Page Optimization: Link building is used to build influence and dependability for your website. If done improperly, it can put you at risk of eluding search rankings. Sourcing a variability of legitimate methods, we will magnetize high quality links to your web pages.

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